Salutations: my name is Stella, which may be short for Stella Blue or Stella Maris. I am a history student. On this personal website, I intend to document my reading (for school and otherwise) and my studies and writing (to some degree). I primarily focus on political history, labor history, and scientific military history. My other interests include philosophies and ethics of science, poetry, literature, film, art history, urban architecture, French, and blues/jazz/folk/rock music.

Should you need or want to, you are welcomed to contact me at As I attempt to be a digital hermit, I am very fond of email.

June 8th, 24: Put this site together.
Wondering if I should become a Wikipedia editor.
Currently Reading:
Sergè, Enrico Fermi, Physicist
Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment
Farrell, Richard Nixon: The Life